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Lean Manufacturing Consultants & Training

Industry Leading Lean Consultants & Accredited Lean Training Courses

Lean Consultants

Our consultants are fully qualified in lean manufacturing techniques and are work hardened through years of practical experience in both the manufacturing and service sectors. They are more than capable, if necessary, to champion your case from the shop floor to the boardroom. Click Here for more...

Lean Group Personnel have been granted Security Clearance from the Home Office.

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Accredited Lean Training Courses

Our acclaimed Open Lean Training Courses are held regularly in Peterborough.

Our Lean Trainers are experienced, successful, working Lean Consultants, who are still practicing Lean Tools and Techniques in the workplace. In this field more than any other, experience counts for everything.

Our trainers can draw on a wealth of experience in order to demonstrate to Delegates how to apply specific lean techniques within their own diverse businesses.

Business simulations and case studies are often used to help you get the best understanding of how and in what order lean tools should be deployed to achieve the maximum benefit within your business. Click Here for more...

Lean Training In House

Lean Training within your place of work enables our Consultants to tailor bespoke courses to address existing challenges within your own environment. Given sufficient delegate numbers, it can also be more cost effective than open lean training courses. Click Here for more...

Case Studies

You may be interested in these Case Studies showing the Lean Group in action. Click Here for more...

Not Sure Where to Start?

We understand that implementing Lean Consulting and Training can be confusing, please feel free to ask for our expert advice. Click Here for more...

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