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7th - 11th September 2020 Book Online

Date: Monday, 07 September 2020
Location: Peterborough

Lean Training

  • Day 1 Lean Overview
  • Day 2 Value Stream Mapping
  • Day 3 Lean Tools and Business Simulation
  • Day 4 5S / 5C, KPI's and TPM
  • Day 5 SMED, Problem Solving, Team Building

The course schedule is as follows:

Day 1 -   Lean Awareness 1   
A Lean Overview where you will:
Discover the History of ‘Lean’ and how it can be adapted to serve the needs of both the manufacturing and service industries
Learn the Key Lean Principles – and about Making Change Happen
Uncover the philosophy of Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) and the vitally important Deming's cycle of P.D.C.A.
Explore the Lean Tools and Techniques of a lean approach to business improvement
Look at the "7 Deadly Wastes" and discover how to identify & eliminate them
Understand the difference between Value Adding and Non Value Adding Activities and how they affect your profitability
Appreciate the difference between Push v Pull Systems
Understand what is meant by Alignment with reference to Lean
Appreciate the value of Visual Management and It's application
Learn basic but applicable Problem Solving techniques
Learn methods and some techniques of Leadership to help you implement the Lean Process through your business or department
Consider which Lean tools might be appropriate for your own business or department and the appropriate next steps for you to take to begin the implementation of Lean into your business or department
This can be completed as a 1 day course and is also the first day of the 5 day Advanced course.
Day 2   Lean Awareness 2 Advanced Course
A study of Value Stream Mapping (VSM) 
 where you will:
Gain an understanding of Value Stream Mapping and use this to develop Current and Future State Maps. This is not "chalk and talk" but an intensive, hands on day, where you will be involved in teams creating your own Maps
This can be completed as a 1 day course and is also the second day of the 5 day Advanced course.
Day 3 -  Lean Awareness 2 Advanced Course 
A Study of Process Flow Maps, Kanban, Takt, Line Balancing, Activity Sampling and Business Simulation, where you will:
Learn how to create Process Flow Maps
Discover how to uses Kanbans to reduce stocking levels and much more
Understand how to Level Production to Takt
Appreciate the principles of Process/Line Balancing and Cycle Timing
Learn how Activity Sampling can identify the potential areas for improvement
Take part in our Business Simulation where the tools and techniques you have learned, can be demonstrated in a practical. This will take up a good part of the day but we have found the process invaluable in learning the lean tools and techniques.
This can be completed as a 1 day course and is also the third day of the 5 day Advanced course.
Day 4 -  Lean Awareness 2 Advanced Course 
A Study of 5S / 5C Workplace Organisation, Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), where you will:
Appreciate the philosophy and how to approach the implementation of 5S Workplace OrganisationConsider opportunities for implementation of 5S in your own workplace and understand the difficulties and solutions for sustaining the process
Develop an understanding of the impact of Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)
Appreciate the role Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) has to play
Appreciate the value of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness as a KPI
Consider the use of Poka Yoke to build in quality
Develop and use a framework to develop the 7 Step Approach toStandard Operating Procedures
This can be completed as a 1 day course and is also the fourth day of the 5 day Advanced course.
Day 5 -  Lean Awareness 2 Advanced Course 
A Study of Single Minute Exchange Die (SMED) / Fast Changeover, 
Problem Solving and Team Building, where you will:
Consider the ways in which a lean enterprise can develop teamwork using a number of Team Building tools and techniques
Be capable of applying a Structured Problem Solving approach to problems and look at a number of tools for achieving this
Learn the tools and techniques to implement Fast Changeover or Single Minute Exchange of Die (S.M.E.D) by using our own unique method of teaching this topic... in an exciting and memorable way. 

A great way to finish this course!
This can be completed as a 1 day course and is also the fifth day of the 5 day Advanced course.

Any day can be booked as a stand alone course 
and Certificates awarded accordingly.

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