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5S Workplace Organisation Case Study CS TEXTRON

5S Workplace Organisation Case Study CS TEXTRON

Published on 22/12/2011

5S Workplace Organisation Case Study

Application of 5S Principles at Gear Manufacturer

Supply of materials to Gear manufacturing cells had been a concern at Textron Power Transmissions. Lean Group consultants recommended the application of 5S principles to organise the workplace.

Workshop Objectives

Create an organised area for raw material, KanBan material pre and post Heat Treatment. Establish SOP’s, and disciplines for a ‘shared’ area.

Improvement tools used

Workplace Organisation, Visual management using a 5S approach.


· 1) Created ownership of a shared area – auditing schedule established.
· 2) Cleaning station located at point of use.
· 3) Removed 6 stillages of obsolete material.
· 4) 13 H & S issues raised – 9 resolved.
· 5) Removal of 2 large skips of waste.
· 6) Visual control implemented.

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