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Value Stream Mapping Aids Plant Merger

Value Stream Mapping Aids Plant Merger

Published on 22/12/2011

Lean Consultancy Case History - DURA

Value Stream Mapping Aids Plant Merger

£20 Million Turnover business integrated into a full plant

The acquisition of 2 First Tier Automotive suppliers brought an unusual request to Lean Group Consultant:

How do we fit £20 million business into a full site turning over £20 million?

The obvious answer was to apply Lean tools, removing waste and freeing floor space, but which tools and in what order? Value Stream Mapping will give the answer.

The Lean Group Consultant led the senior team through a Value stream Mapping activity, Coaching the Team from current state to future state and creating a Lean transformation plan.

Further support was then given to lead Kaizen activities and develop internal and Supplier KanBan systems.

Not only was the original brief of doubling turnover from the same floor space achieved within 12 months, but significant benefits in line with all Lean transformations were achieved:

£1.3 Million reduction in Inventory
Reduction in Direct Headcount of 40 personnel

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