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Lean Manufacturing & Six Sigma - Consultancy & Training

"At the Lean Group we pride ourselves on our unrivalled capability to assist Clients to realise their true potential".

We lead our rivals in the development and delivery of bespoke manufacturing training and business improvement solutions. Our extensive experience in Lean Manufacturing Consulting, Worldwide, has enabled The Lean Group to become"The Specialist" in helping Organisations unburden their processes of wasteful activity, allowing them to focus on what their customer’s truly value.

All Lean Group specialists are hands-on lean consultants who have held senior roles in some of the worlds most renowned manufacturing companies. Their combined knowledge of lean manufacturing systems and improvement techniques has been gained through their application in all types of businesses in many market sectors in both the UK and throughout the World.

We ensure that the needs and challenges of each and every Client is met with the correct specialist(s) appropriate to the task in hand.

"The Lean Group will help you to rid your business of unnecessary effort and cost whilst maximising the full potential of your people".

The Lean Group provides practical and bespoke assistance to managers grappling with today’s operational dilemmas through their ability to rapidly understand the current situation and then develop the appropriate approach

The Lean Group is different! The Lean Group uses a combination of classroom and on-the-job instruction to deliver effective, appropriate and thorough training. All of our lean programme's can be recognised through our hands on approach. We actively encourage, work with and support our Client’s staff to understand the situation and then to develop and implement their own solutions. In this way they can witness at first hand the power and immediate benefits of our just do it nowphilosophy and as a consequence we believe that their achievements will be sustained.

The Lean Group recommend that Clients allow them the opportunity of conducting some analysis prior to making any proposals or recommendations. Whilst this is not mandatory it allows us to provide a focused and relevant approach to any improvement activity, leading to the development of a comprehensive and holistic solution.

The time that is required for the diagnostic obviously varies dependant upon the specific organisation and its current situation, please contact us for more information.

Our novel approach has enabled us to secure many committed and long-term relationships. We always ensure that all parties are comfortable with our approach prior to engagement and continue to mutually monitor the situation on an ongoing basis.

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