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Lean Consulting

The Lean Group Consultant
Improving Your Processes and Business

The Lean Group predominantly operates in the U.K. and in Europe, however we also work Globally and have Clients in both North America and Africa.

We work in both the Private and Public sectors, with multi-nationals and with SME’s

We support and work with our Clients transferring knowledge and sustainable skills using an easily understood and friendly approach.

Our Activities include the initial Analysis of Organisations, followed by the Development and Implementation of Continuous Improvement Strategies.

Our objectives are to leave sustainable improvement, owned by our Client’s Teams, which deliver Real and Meaningful Benefits to the Bottom Line.

All of our Consultants have extensive practical experience and are experts in the optimisation of both Internal and Overall Value Streams. They are fully qualified in the application of Lean Production techniques, through many years of practical experience in both the Manufacturing and Service Sectors throughout the World. 

Our Consultants have been granted Security Clearance from the Home Office and are Academically qualified with M.B.A.’s. They are capable of both Operational and Strategic Thinking and can manage any Improvement Programme from the Shop Floor to the Boardroom.

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The Results Speak For Themselves

lean consultancy"I was delighted at the results achieved for us by the team at the Lean Group. 

On one product line we reduced the number of operators by 62%, nearly doubled our output, reduced work in progress to practically zero and gained 25% more floor space". 

"Now that's what I call Lean!"

Gina Lyttle
Business Improvement
Whale Pumps Ltd

lean consultant"Our involvement with The Lean Group helped us develop a sharper focus on all aspects of our manufacturing which has resulted in savings that will strengthen our market competitiveness".

“We were able to identify and implement a series of actions that are having a direct impact on our manufacturing costs and increasing our overall efficiency".

“By focusing on continuous improvement within a new shop floor supervisory structure it also encouraged the greater engagement of employees across the business", he added.

Neil Stewart
Managing Director

Seagoe Technologies

carlesberg lean project“This programme was very professionally ran and very well received, there were a number of non-believers in the original selection who have all been converted to the “Lean Group Way”

The programme opened all the participants minds to what can be achieved through understanding and working as a Team, and by applying Lean Tools and Techniques, it has proved an excellent foundation programme for the continuing development of Lean Manufacturing throughout the business.

Continuous Improvement Champions have now been selected and ongoing Lean Action Plans form part of the Small Pack Teams Personal Development Programme.

We plan to expand the programme in the near future and Team Working and Lean Manufacturing will provide two of the fundamental elements in achieving our overall Organisational objectives”

Mick Howard
Small Pack Manager
Carlsberg Leeds