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Structured Problem Solving

A Structured Approach to Problem Solving is a team based and disciplined approach to Permanent Problem Resolution.

How often is it that we find that problems that are believed to have been resolved, re-appear at a later date, and usually at the most inappropriate time imaginable?

The Lean Group works in a practical and interesting way, helping and interacting with the Host Problem Solving Team in a series of theoretical activities before tackling a real concern. Problems that have plagued organisations for considerable periods of time can be permanently resolved through adopting the techniques and practices outlined throughout the programme.

The first stage of the methodology employed, is to form a Team with the appropriate skills to deal with the specific concern in question, each member of the team fulfils the obligations of one of the roles of Team Working. The Team usually consists of a nucleus of full time participants with some specialists taking part, as and when required.

A concise and accurate description of the problem is then generated, this will be a full description of the problem profile and is one of the hardest parts of the entire process, accurate problem definition is a critical stage and is absolutely fundamental to the permanent problem resolution process.

The need for short term Containment is then considered; Containment Actions are implemented if, and as is necessary.

The most difficult part of the entire process can now take place, defining the root cause of the concern and proving the theory through testing, its success relies heavily on how well the problem was originally defined.

Once satisfactory verification of root cause has taken place, the determined permanent corrective action can be implemented.

When the Team is satisfied with the outcome of the permanent corrective action and any temporary containment removed, management systems, specifications, procedures etc are updated to ensure there is no chance of recurrence. 

Establish Team

Define the Problem
Implement Containment
Define & Verify Root Cause
Identify Permanent 
Corrective Action
Implement Permanent Corrective Action
Prevent Recurrence
Update Management Systems
Congratulate the Team


Team Building Ability
Team Approach to Problem Resolution
Structured and Proven Process
Permanent Problem Resolution
Improved Quality Performance
Financial Savings

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