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Supply Chain Management Programme

The Supply Chain Management Programme

In many organisations and in particularly those involved in manufacturing, considerable, additional opportunities to improve efficiency reside upstream in the supply chain. It is common to find that in excess of 75% of the overall product cost is bought in. 

Often organisations focused internally on improvement activities fail to recognise the significantly greater opportunities that reside outside of their actual business but still within their overall supply chain. The development of a Supply Chain Management Programme and the implementation of supply chain management techniques and strategies, will enable organisations to take advantage of these often overlooked opportunities. 

It is important to remember that an individual organisation can only be as effective as the weakest link in its Supply Chain. There is often a failure to understand that it is entire Supply Chains that compete for End User Custom, rather than the individual companies within them. This failure often results with organisations competing against one another in the same supply chain rather than aligning their individual skills in their common objectives of profitably meeting their End User Needs.

Often well-intended improvement strategies, designed to improve the performance of a single operation within the supply chain simply transfer the problem elsewhere. 

In competitive markets, if a problem, although transferred is still present within the same overall chain, the supply chain and individual business could be seriously at risk from a competitor implementing a holistic & focused Supply Chain Management Programme that eliminates waste or problems in entirety.

This programme is designed to help organisations understand that it is not only the improvements implemented within their specific business that will determine success, but that every single organisation involved within their supply chain, from the supply of raw material through to the final consumer has a role to play.

Most supply chain management activity, by its very nature, will be bespoke to the particular business or supply chain in question.

The Supply Chain Management Programme covers:

  • Introduction to Supplier Development & Cost Reduction 
  • Supplier Appraisal & Selection 
  • Supplier Rationalisation Programmes 
  • Understanding Waste in Supply Chains 
  • Understanding Added Value Activities 
  • Developing Aligned & Lean Supply Chains 
  • Communication and Performance Measures (Quality, Cost & Delivery) 
  • Supplier Improvement Strategies & Techniques 
  • Understanding the cost of bought in goods 
  • Inventory Control & Management 
  • Improvement Champion Training 

The Lean Group have considerable experience in designing and implementing Supply Chain Management Programmes across a wide range of Manufacturing and Service Industries which include Automotive, Food & Drink, Engineering, Printing and Data Processing.

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