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Kanban Production Control Systems

Kanban Production Control Systems

Published on 02/02/2012

Kanban Implementation

Implementation of a Pull System at 1st Tier Automotive Supplier.

Put simply Lean manufacturing equals elimination of waste by:

  • W Creating Flow
  • WPacing the flow using Takt time
  • WCreating a Pull along the Value Chain

kanban1.gifCreating the pull adds discipline to the Value Chain, linking the flows of value adding activity.

Prior to implementation of a Kanban system, this downstream process was the key reason for poor performance of 8 assembly cells.

Each assembly cell produced up to 8 variants of finished assembly, each variant requiring different piece parts from the downstream process.

Guided by The Lean Group consultant, the team developed their Kanban system.

kanban2.gifBy analysing the data, setting batch sizes and container sizes, developing Kanban cards and trigger points the team took ownership of the Kanban system.

Implementation of the simple visual system quickly led to some great results:

  • Assembly stoppages reduced by 90% ·
  • Overtime down by 50%
  • Average Inventory down by 25%

Most importantly scheduling was now performed by the system, freeing the supervisors for more Value Adding tasks.

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